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Lena Horne

1:01 am EDT

My Mood Is You

Lena Horne

We'll Be Together Again

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Andy Williams

12:59 am EDT

Moon River [Live At Caesar'...

Andy Williams

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Gene Krupa and His Orchestra

12:54 am EDT

Blue Rhythm Fantasy

Gene Krupa and His Orchestra

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Jack Costanzo andamp- His Orchestra

12:52 am EDT

Can-Can Overture

Jack Costanzo & His Orchestr...

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Al Martino

12:49 am EDT

If I Love You

Al Martino

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Ella Fitzgerald

12:46 am EDT

I Can't Give You Anything B...

Ella Fitzgerald

The Ella Fitzgerald Collection

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Charles Brown

12:41 am EDT

Cottage For Sale

Charles Brown

One More for the Road

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